Thursday, October 13, 2011


Just personal artwork. I used the studio's Cintiqs to draw and color this. Well, I sketched it on paper first. I want a Cintiq now, it's so much easier than a regular tablet. Too bad they're expensive :/

But I felt like drawing a Serval, they're my favorite animals (:

Poem Storyboard

In storyboard we had to take a poem and create a storyboard of it. We could be as creative as we wanted.


The Spangled Pandemonium
Is missing from the zoo.
He bent the bars the barest bit,
And slithered glibly through.

He crawled across the moated wall.
He climbed the mango tree,
And when his keeper scrambled up,
He nipped him on the knee.

To all of you a warning
Not to wander after dark,
Or if you must make very sure
You stay out of the park.

For the Spangled Pandemonium
Is missing from the zoo,
And since he nipped his keeper
He would just as soon nip you!

Character Design:

Original Beat Board:

I followed the poem closely and didn't come up with anything really creative at first.

Final Storyboard:

I really had fun with this. This storyboard was pinned up on the wall and another classmate had to be able to follow the story and pitch it, called a reverse pitch. If the classmate had trouble "reading it", then many things would have to be fixed for the final. The person who read mine had no problem following the story, and everyone got a laugh that I put cameos of me and my two friends drawing animals at the zoo, which made me happy haha. She even knew it was us (: My professor told me to edit a few things, like panels two and three should be angled to match panel four (I did that in Photoshop), and to add in panel twenty to show my other friend and I running off away from the creature, leaving my other friend behind to get eaten. "Don't worry Alex it's just a cartoon," my professor said.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Exterior Layout/Painting

I'm so mad, the scanner messed up the colors. The bushes in the foreground are more blue-green but scanned more black-ish. I tried adjusting the color in Photoshop but it didn't work. Gah. Well, what can you do?

ROM Animal Skeleton

We had to go to the Royal Ontario Museum to draw animal skeletons. I got some sorta "Mouse Deer" that I never even heard of before this.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Lift and Toss Character Turnaround/Poses

In character design class we had to come up with a character that we will animate in animation class that will lift a heavy object, struggling and eventually tossing it. I did an Oviraptor dinosaur, the ones who like to steal eggs, and he will be picking up a large egg. In the animation I will do extra animation in which the egg will hatch after he throws it, and out pops a baby T-Rex with giant jaws who will chew on Oviraptor's head haha.

Wave Boat Sack Animation

First animation project of the year, this one was done over the course of a few weeks, since we had many things to animate (a wave first, then boat, then flour sack character, a splash, then adding surface detail onto the wave.)