Friday, October 29, 2010

Character Posing

Bahhh I went through a bunch of trouble with Photoshop putting this together. I guess scanning six 600 dpi files was too much for the RAM to handle and they wouldn't save! I thought I was gonna have to start all over, scanning each in and adjusting the levels/contrast to make the line art look decent. But all I had to do was adjust Photoshop's memory intake to 100% whereas it was at 50% before. *phew* So here's some character I came up with for Character Design class, we had to do 6 different poses. I guess he's some sorta alligator, on the hunt for the biggest, juiciest catfish in the bayou? Lol.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Hands and Feet Life Drawing Portfolio

For Life Drawing we had to draw 12 hands and 12 feet xD And make a title page and present it in a folder. (Thanks for sending those up, ma and pa!) xD

Feet and Hands tend to be the devil for a lot of artists, including me. But I think I've improved a lot with them and I'm very proud of my hands xD My feet...meh, they're alright. I hate drawing feet. And we also could do something cartoony for the title page 9w9;; The scanner didn't really do them justice...and some came out darker than others blah.
And hooray for harmonicas 8D

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Well my dad is sending me up my portfolio that got me in (forgot to bring it with me!) and I'll be posting some of that in a week.

IN OTHER NEWS. 12 hands and 12 feet is due Friday, almost done! Will post that soon too C:

Who's excited for Book Page Turn?! Wooooo.
Marine animal sounds more fun xD I'm either gonna do a shark or an eel. Not entirely sure yet.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Character Layout

Here's to all those good years RVing with my folks. Sadly we sold our trailer this year :C Probably so I could go to this school LOL! But someday I'll get my own RV and my parents when they retire probably will too and we can do it all over again =] So here's a picture of a retired RVing couple! xD

This took me like...3-4 hours LOL. I'm pretty proud of it, only 5 weeks in and I've already been getting better at drawing xD I think I could of done a better job on the camper in the background, I dunno it just seems...awkward to me? Maybe because everything is in perspective and it's not? xD Possibly.
Well I hope Komza likes it x.x