Sunday, September 30, 2012

Scene mock up

Mock up scene for 3rd year film with the animal nightmare I'm animating, a cobra :D

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The joys of film concepts

We got put into our 3rd year film groups, yay! :D (now, time to scream in agony. Maybe. So far so good.) Anyways, we chose on a story from another member of our group. 

Basically, Joster is some sort of "spirit" that fixes children's dreams, and it's her job. She wears goggles to see their dreams and nightmares. Good dreams take the form of cute animals, and in warm colors. Bad dreams take the form of dangerous animals and are in cool colors. If she sees a child having a good dream, she'll pass them. If a child is having a nightmare, the child is tossing around in bed, and she'll fight the nightmare off. Joster starts off a bit brash, merely fighting and killing off the nightmares, which causes the children to abruptly wake up from their nightmare, still scared. After taking a break on a rooftop, she notices a strange glow coming from one window in the neighborhood, while all the other lights in the homes are off. She enters the room, and sees a child having a good dream which has taken the form of a bunny. But a nightmare drops from the ceiling, eating the good dream, and it is in the form of a monster she's never seen before. She tries to fight the nightmare off, but everything she does makes it worse. While being backed into a corner (or under the bed, in a crevice), she comes upon a teddy bear. The monster sees this, and wants it. The monster then takes it from her and gives it to the child, which turns the monster into a good dream, and the child falls asleep peacefully. The camera will pan out with the child sleeping while his/her room is a complete wreck from the fight. Joster walks out of the room awkwardly, and jumps up onto the roof before anyone notices. We're still working on this ending to make it better, but all things are subject to change a bit (though we're pretty sure we got what we want.)
We might do some stills during the credits with Joster giving the nightmares good things to turn them into good dreams, instead of killing them off.

Anyways, here's me scribbling and exploring ideas.

Basically Joster is a girl, and we decided on goggles and a bottomless bag where she pulls nightmare-fighting weapons out of. I tried a few designs that were somewhat soldier-like.

First monster design based on the story creator's monster. A bit too scary and hard to animate.

Something more dream-like and liquidy, can change shape and would be fun to animate.

Too fuzzy.

Nightmare in the form of a tiger.

Some colored story sketches. Joster is more soldier-like here. 

Final designs I chose on. Our group decided Joster to have a hood to be all ninja-like. I gave her a dark blue hoodie to blend in with the night. Also I decided on elf ears so she's not human. I chose the more liquid ghost-like nightmare. Please ignore my awful names like "The Boy" and "Dream Bunny" haha.

Some more final concepts. There will be more animal dreams and nightmares than this.
Our group will all draw our own designs and pick which ones we like best and the animation style we want to work with.