Thursday, November 18, 2010

Royal Winter Fair Life Drawing Portfolio

For life drawing our whole class took a trip to the Royal Winter Fair in Toronto. A few friends and I got together and hopped onto the Go Train and it took around 30 minutes to get there. In New England where I come from we have something similar called the Big E, but the Big E doesn't have as many animals and has more fair attractions as well as being outdoors. The Royal Winter Fair was huge and I've never seen so many farm animals haha. People from all over the world come to show their animals, and I saw the biggest horses I've ever seen. Apparently they were draft horses. But man, they were monsters! It was really fun, I had an awesome Buffalo burger and bought a cool dragon belt buckle (I collect them xD) And the picture in my title page is a true story. I was trying to draw this llama, and all of a sudden a bunch of kids come running over and start banging on the cage, where my sketchbook was leaning on. Not only that, but they screamed "LLAMA! LLAMA! LLAMA! HEY LLAMA!"....for 5 minutes straight. Or more. It got wicked irritating. Pro-tip: Parents, do not let your kid's scream in a llama's face. Shut them up. They shouldn't behave like that in public, I don't care how excited they are! xD


  1. The drawings are awesome. Cover page is just so you. Gramoya

  2. hehe, i see you're still not a huge fan of kids? these drawings are fun! i've always enjoyed looking at your animal sketches.

  3. Nice animals! PS. Incase you're not sure who the heck I am, you randomly met me in the media arts room in 1st semester hahah. Honestly though, your animals are promising, keep practicing!