Saturday, February 26, 2011

Secret of NIMH Head Rotation/Lip Sync/Expression

Wow this was a fun project! A lot of work, but worth it xD Like most people I'd spend hours and hours each day in the labs for a few weeks working on this, only for 14 seconds of animation!

We had to take any animated character of our choice, rotate the head, lip sync the mouth to the word "Meow" and give the character an expression reacting to him/her saying "meow." I chose Jeremy the crow from Secret of NIMH because Don Bluth is my favorite animator and I love NIMH, and Jeremy is my favorite character from that movie. He was also fun to animate! I added extra animation with Dragon the cat at the end xD

I sorta messed up on the head rotation, I accidentally did 2 extra frames rotating in the front view, and we had to do 16 in total. So there's 2 less in the back so the front rotation goes slower than the back xD Ah well, I wouldn't have had enough time to fix the whole thing. But Michel still loves it yayy (:

So turn your volume up cause there's sound!

Original Video - More videos at TinyPic

Scariest cat ever, am I right?


  1. The solidity of mass in that turn is beautiful and the expression and movement were nice and bouncy ;)