Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Layouts and Shot Tests

Scene 1^
3 pieces of paper for the background, had to paste together in Photoshop as you can tell.

Scene 2^
Originally did this in NTSC format by accident and it had to be widescreen (nothing photoshop can't fix!) But stretching it out for widescreen warps it so I had to deal with some of the art being cut off. NTSC format is becoming obsolete since TVs these days are all widescreen and they don't make TVs with that format anymore I believe. Everything is being switched to widescreen.

Tonal of one BG^
It's pretty quick and rough, did it in about an hour.

^Original NTSC formatted layout.

^ Shot tests.
Prof told me to reuse Scene 2's BG for Scene 3 to save me work since I had layouts with a ton of detail in them already. Scenes are not in continuity, they're based on storyboards but the story isn't in order here. So it doesn't make sense haha. It's just about layout here, not story. Storyboards will be up soon.

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