Saturday, October 13, 2012

Dream Job Rough Storyboards

My piece for the fighting montage sequence. We all picked an animal nightmare for this, I decided to do a cobra. We also try and come up with a weapon related to the animal. A friend suggested the cobra have a snake charmer flute, and I eventually came up with the idea of having it as a blow dart.

Part of the fight scene between Joster and the final nightmare monster. The part that another group member did that comes before this has Joster using a whip to grab the monster around the neck. She then jumps on its back. The monster creepily turns its neck around to face her, like an owl does.

The second to last scene in the film. Before this part, Joster threw a grenade-like weapon (her final one) and the monster exploded into a bunch of goo. Joster thinks she beat the monster, but the monster reforms itself as good as new. Facing the monster again, she grabs into her magic endless bag on her belt, but she pulls out sand...she is out of weapons.

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