Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Catnipping Green Storyboards

Group project, class split up into two groups, we were given a song we had to create a story to. We decided to do the 60's (I knew they were gonna wanna do that lol). Each group member had to come up with character designs and the opposite group picked the ones they liked best. My Old Tomcat design (later I named him Jerry) was picked and my friend Naddya's Narrator (Little John, not shown in my storyboard sequence) and Female Cat (Latte the beatnik) were chosen. Naddya makes such awesome character designs haha. At first our story basically had no story and was about all of these cats getting high off catnip. It was awful. I spent
many days trying to come up with something better, and pitched the idea to my group that our story should be about the tomcat being a street musician who dreams of making it big, but is stuck on a sidewalk with only a few coins in his hat...while Latte the pretentious beatnik with her bongos is hogging all of the pedestrians and their money. (Funny story about Latte's name...we were trying to come up with a pretentious sounding name for her, and someone looked at their Tim Horton's Latte cup...aaaand there ya have it.)

I got verse 8, and my sequence is after Little John gathers people to listen to Jerry and he becomes more popular, and all of Latte's fans leave her to go listen to Jerry. The angry Latte puts away her bongos, rips out a guitar, and stomps across the street to have a guitar battle showdown with Jerry.

My character design that got chosen:

The final part of this whole project is the Leica Reel with everyone's boards put together to the song (we had to time it all to the bar sheets provided for the music.) I'll post it up here when it's done.

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