Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Animatic (Animated Storyboard)

Well uh. Hmmm. Well in storyboard class we watched Oliver Twist and Star Wars Episode Five clips and our teacher freezed frames and we had like 15 seconds to draw them.
So in digital tools class we could use either our Oliver Twist one or Star Wars, and make an animatic (animated storyboard) with it, and add our own twist to it using the same layouts. I chose the Star Wars one.
So here's the clip of Star Wars (watch from 2:00 up until 4:00) so you have an idea what I'll be doing in my animatic xD
Star Wars Clip

And here's my ridiculous version. The drawings aren't fantastic, but we had a limited time to do this and all xD OH AND IT HAS SOUND. SO TURN UP THAT VOLUME OF YOURS.

This is actually kinda inspired by when we used to take camping trips in New Hampshire at this state park, and would sneak into No Swimming areas of the lake and jump off a large rock and into the water. Whenever the Ranger would drive by, we would all duck under the water and hide xD

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