Sunday, December 12, 2010

Layout Portfolio

For Komza's class, we had to do 5 of these. I chose to do scenes of some characters I've had for a few years now, been developing them more and more. And you get to see my strange obsession with the 1920s/1930s Prohibition Era xD I have a few mobster characters, but my main characters are part of a jazz band. Todd is the trumpet player, Krystal is the singer, Vinny is the sax player (I did the character expressions assignment with him), and I have many more not shown here, including a bassist, drummer, trombonist, and piano player. Since I'm learning so much at school, I feel a lot more confident in their story, design, and all that jazz (no pun intended there)

This is Todd, he's pretty much the main protagonist in my story. He "sold" himself to a mobster and speakeasy owner named Johnny Toobad (brownie points if you know where I got the name from) to play his trumpet at the club as an attempt to further his career. He then meets Krystal's band and they bring him into their band when they're in need of a new trumpet player. When Todd can't pay up to Johnny, he winds up getting the whole band in trouble. I guess this scene he has a feeling someone is following him...
I just noticed the perspective on the house in the background is messed up errr. /will fix later

I decided that this is my favorite drawing of the five.
Some unnamed characters at a speakeasy. This scene became unintentionally funny, because it looks like the bartender is tired of pouring shots for this dog, and his friend is starting to get mad at him for drinking so much hahaha.

Todd again. Maybe he's trying to serenade some lovely lady next door? Who knows.

Vivian is Todd's ex and this is her on and off British boyfriend Wellington, whom she plays for a sap (and uses his money, even though she's quite wealthy herself). Yeah Vivian is quite the little biotch. They're in front of the doors of the Cotton Club, which was a jazz club in Harlem during the Prohibition Era. It was hard finding a good ref with a clear shot of the doors, since the pictures were mostly blurry black and white photographs, so I tried my best to get it as accurate as I could.

Vinny and Krystal in another speakeasy scene. They're taking a little break from playing music, and it seems like something Vinny said sparked anger in Krystal. Or maybe she just had one sip too many lol. They're in love with each other, they just don't know it haha. Their bartender and friend (who I decided to name Phil) is trying to intervene, but they're not paying attention to him. Try not to pay attention to my failed attempt at Art Deco lol.


  1. speaking of bars and animals, i thought of you when i saw this-->

  2. very blacksad! we're actually doing something like this in storyboarding right now. fantastic stuff!