Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Artist Master Copy

Ugh painting is my weakness. Especially gouache...tough medium :/
We had to copy a painting or a layout from any animated movie. I bought this awesome book called Art of Princess and the Frog (loved the movie) and it had a ton of beautiful concept layouts for the film so I chose one of them.
I guess it came out better than I thought it would...and definitely better than my previous paintings. Let's hope Maureen thinks it's ok, she's a tough critic xD
Princess and the Frog (c) Disney
Update: Got a 55/60 on it. Maureen liked that I took on such a difficult piece and did a pretty good job on it. The problems were that the darks shoulda been darker and the lights shoulda been lighter. Mostly the highlights on the roof and the dark areas of the shack. They kinda dried like that :/ But I didn't want to go back and mess it up the day it was due xD Oh well, still a very good grade considering how little I've painted throughout my life.

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